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Since its foundation in 1962, KOTRA has been committed to promoting mutual prosperity between Korea and its trading partners by facilitating international commerce and investment. The experts in our Korea Business Centers (KBCs) worldwide help Korean exporters to build local network with potential business partners, while also providing catered services to foreign investors considering investment opportunities in Korea.

Today, the free flow of goods, capital and labor among countries is what drives a fierce global competition, and it is this lucrative exchange of goods and services that give birth to noble opportunities for international business development. Through KOTRA’s extensive global network, individuals as well as corporations can gain most up to date, comprehensive information on the field of their business interests, and furthermore build one-on-one relationships with potential business partners in their desired geographic locations.

In providing these services, KOTRA acknowledges unprecedented customer service to be the key to successful business consulting. As a result, the entire organization and all corporate competencies are constantly undergoing system restructuring to ensure that customers get the services they need on time. As one of the solutions, KOTRA diversified its websites by business categories, with the addition of extensive online customer service system, enabling current and prospective business partners to gain the exact information they need faster and in depth. 

KOTRA wishes that all business personnel can be proud of their relationship with us, and will strive to continuously evolve to be the most client-friendly, trustworthy business agency in the world. In your search for new business opportunities, KOTRA will be a dependable partner for you. Let us help you to take advantage of the exciting new trade and investment opportunities in Korea and Northeast Asia.


Soo Deuk Sohn
President / North America Head Office


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