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KOTRA serves as a bridge between Korean exporters and overseas buyers. To further expand Korea’s trade sector, KOTRA is increasing the exports of new growth industries such as the knowledge service industry, medical-bio industry and green industry. The culture-based Korean Wave is making economic waves as well with its high export value. By supporting these and other industries, KOTRA contributes to the economic development of Korea and developing countries through technological innovation, industrial infrastructure formation and HR development.

Business Matchmaking

Outstanding Korean companies and products are introduced to foreign buyers and we help facilitate business transactions,setting up meeting for foreign and Korean companies as well.

Trade Missions
KOTRA cooperates with local governments and authorities to form and dispatch trade missions consisting of SMEs wishing to engage in overseas business activities. Export consulting is provided for foreign buyers by KOTRA’s Korea Business Center to increase international trade.

Association of Korean Exhibition Industries
The Mission

The Association of Korean Exhibition Industries is an organization specializing solely on exhibitions.It was founded in September 2002 under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.The mission of the Association of Korean Exhibition Industries is to undertake a wide variety of tasks to develop and foster policies that will ensure the exponential growth of the trade fair industry.
Currently there are 38 member companies that represent the exhibition industry of Korea - including owners of exhibition centers, trade show organizers and exhibition service contractors.The Association has eight personnel, comprising the Chairman (Seong Geun Oh, CEO of BEXCO), one director and five staff members.

Exhition Schedule
coex https://www.coexcenter.com/

setec http://eng.setec.or.kr/index.do

kintex http://www.kintex.com/client/_eng/c010201/c010201_00.jsp

DCC http://www.dcckorea.or.kr:81/dccEng/main.do

KDJ Center http://www.kdjcenter.or.kr/eng/

ceco http://www.ceco.co.kr/eng/main/main.asp







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