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Invest KOREA is a Korean investment promotion organization that supports successful Korean expansion and support of foreign companies composed of KOTRA employees, expert groups, civil servants by government related departments and organizations, and nongovernmental experts with abundant knowledge and experience in investment area.

Overall service from investment report on foreign investment companies to new business opening solution of company activity are provided and help is given to foreign companies to have basis to quickly adapt to the Korean investment environment with coordination scheme with 42 KOTRA Korea Business Centers located in main financial, industrial locations around the world.

Invest KOREA increases the high rate of return that foreign investment companies already have and provide overall, differentiated on-stop service to boost to top-ranking companies to join the global companies in Korea.

Invest KOREA is related in foreign investment company activities such as finding foreign investment companies, supporting investment projects, providing after support on foreign investment companies
and building coordination schemes of interagency operations.

Foreign Investment Promotion
From national image promotion to finding target companies, reviewing investment, planning investment, executing investment,consulting, and after management, all service for wide range and systematic foreign investment promotion is supported. Also, Invest KOREA delivers feedback of investment companies to policy officials and is leading continuous improvement of investment environment. Operation of Foreign Company Foundation Support Invest Korea Plaza is the first foreign investment;exclusive incubating facility with cutting-edge intelligent system with various office space and conference facility. Overall service of business consultation, administration support, support investment, efficient one-stop service is provided.

After Management Service
Investment Ombudsmans Office provides solutions on various issues that occur while foreigner investing companies conduct business in Korea. Ombudsmans Offices suggests investment environment improvements to the government and interagency operation for customers and helps solve issues of foreign Company Problem Solution team arranges “home doctors” who are experts in foreign investment of various fields to provide one to one service.  By designating matters requested by foreign investment companies, arbitration role is conducted to solve problems between interagency operation and companies until the problem is totally solved.

Office of the Investment Ombudsman(OIO)
A major component of Invest KOREA is the Office of the Investment Ombudsman, troubleshooting service to help foreign companies resolve any difficulties they may have in doing business in Korea.
For the successful establishment of foreign business in Korea, the OIO's "Home Doctors" provide one-on-one service in such areas as construction, finance, tax, labor, law and matters of daily living including housing, visas and children's education.

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