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Market information is the sector where the customers most urgently need KOTRA's help. KOTRA provides hands-on information on local business practices and cultures as well as on market conditions for both Korean and foreign companies. The accumulated experience and know-how within KOTRA's network serves as a valuable infrastructure for those considering international trade and investment.

In-depth Research and Seminars

Through the analysis of the information gathered by its local and overseas networks, KOTRA draws insightful conclusions on a variety of trade and investment issues that help firms to respond ;promptly to the rapidly-changing global economic environment. With the help of Korea Business Centers at home and abroad, the research teams operating at KOTRA's head office issue publications as well as hold seminars on world trade regimes and regional market conditions.

Trade Information Library
The Trade Information Library at KOTRA's headquarters offers current
information on each country's market and investment conditions gathered through its Korea Business Centers. It provides an extensive range of resources such as business directories, tariff schedules, periodicals and much more. Computer access is readily available at the Library, enabling users to quickly access the information they require.

Overseas Investment Support Center
While inbound investment promotion is led by Invest KOREA, outbound investment support is provided by the Overseas Investment Support Center. The center offers Korean companies detailed information on each country's investment conditions and procedures. For those foreign governments eager to attract Korean investors , the center helps hold investment promotion seminars in Korea by arranging the participation of relevant domestic companies.


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