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As a non-profit governmental organization, KOTRA provides a fully supportive trade-investment infrastructure. To strengthen its function of bolstering the national economic infrastructure, KOTRA actively cooperates with other relevant organizations and nurtures overseas marketing and investment experts.

Cooperation with Other Organizations

KOTRA actively engages in international cooperation with similar organizations by exchanging ideas and sharing information. Seminars and workshops are hosted to promote better communication and render assistance to foreign trade and investment missions that visit Korea. Such close ties with relevant foreign organizations will enhance mutual understanding of different cultures to the benefit of each country's economy.

KOTRA Global Academy
While working abroad, KOTRA personnel gain insights into world markets and therefore can provide the kind of first-hand inside information its customers need. In order to share KOTRA's expertise more effectively, KOTRA Academy was launched as a professional learning center in the field of international business. All courses are focused on field training and curriculums are flexibly arranged in accordance with customers' needs.

Government Awarded Mandates
As an umbrella agency of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, KOTRA fulfills various government awarded mandates such as participation in international trade fairs and exhibitions by operating Korea Pavilions. KOTRA pursues its activities in line with government economic development policy as well as supports the formulation of such policy.


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