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The Internet has changed the way people communicate and do business. KOTRA is well-equipped to help our customers compete in this new business environment. Our Web sites are extremely informative and enable our customers to be in close contact with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Digital KOTRA
( http://www.kotra.or.kr )
Digital KOTRA is not only a home page but also a "Virtual KOTRA," which has the same functions as the actual KOTRA. Visitors to our web site will have access to vast range of information on such topics as the Korean economy, investment environment, products, companies and exhibitions. Digital KOTRA also informs users of emerging Korean business and investment opportunities.

Buy Korea ( http://www.buykorea.org )
Buy KOREA is the leading Korean Internet trade portal aimed at promoting cyber marketing on the basis of accumulated trade information. It has been formed through the integration of the former Silkroad21 and KOBO(Korea Business Opportunity) e-trading sites. Buy KOREA provides customers with a one-click search function for up-to-the-minute trade information such as product offers, company profiles and product catalogues. Buy KOREA offers an interactive Web service, through which global traders can develop a mutually-rewarding business community based on the sharing of information and the free conduct of E-Commerce.

Invest Korea ( http://www.investkorea.org )
Cyber KlSC is an interactive database system designed to make it possible through the Internet for interested overseas investors, wherever they might be, to access informion on a wealth of current investment opportunities across the breadth of Korean industry and business. Invest Korea provides investors with customized information, substantial consultation, and investment opportunities on a completely gratis basis.

Contact Korea (http://www.contactkorea.go.kr/en/index.do)
Contact KOREA seeks talented personnel through its 119 KOTRA KBCs (Korea Business Center) in 81 countries around the world. In cooperation with government ministries and other organizations, it has built a system of comprehensive HR service, including identifying Korean companies in need of global personnel, giving visa recommendations, providing immigration support, and helping with relocation to Korea. Over the last few years, we have assisted with the employment of over 1000 global talents at over 300 companies. We have also built a database with information on more than 5,500 talented professionals, to whom we provide free access for businesses via Contact KOREA portal site.


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