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Head Office
Trade Delegation from the Cit.. [Toronto] Greater Toronto Area 05.01.2019~05.31.2019
Trade Delegation form the Cit.. [Toronto] Greater Toronto Area 03.01.2019~03.31.2019
Trade Delegation from the Gyo.. [Toronto] Greater Toronto Area 04.29.2019~04.29.2019
Global Offshore & Marine Plaza [Toronto] not decided yet 10.10.2019~10.12.2019
2019 Dallas ICT Road Show [Dallas] Dallas.. 10.01.2019~10.01.2019
KOR-US Energy Partnering 2019 [Dallas] Houston.. 09.17.2019~09.19.2019
KOTRA-IA Startup [Dallas] Austin.. 03.08.2019~03.17.2019
NAB show [Los Angeles] Las Vegas Conventio.. 04.08.2019~04.11.2019
CES 2019 [Los Angeles] Las Vegas Conventio.. 01.08.2019~01.11.2019
ISC West 2019 [Los Angeles] Sands Expo, Las Ve.. 04.10.2019~04.12.2019
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