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High Precision Machining Parts for Automotive [Toronto]
Company : OH DAE Metal Co., Ltd.
Website :
Description : Since 1978, Ohdae Metal has manufactured key precision components for engines and transmissions. Ohdae Metal offers a wide range of manufacturing capabilities including..
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Regenerated polyester staple fiber [Toronto]
Company : Daeyang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Website :
Description : Daeyang is manufacturing and exporting regenerated polyester staple fiber from South Korea in various types and colors.

Contact (Local Branch in Toronto..
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Architectural Scale Models [Toronto]
Company : Design Be Art
Website :
Description : Based in Washington D.C., Design Be Art operates a design studio that produces architectural scale models for commercial and residential real estate.

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Heating Film and Cable [Toronto]
Company : SH Korea
Website :
Description : Heating film and cable that goes under the flooring that are environment friendly and high efficiency

Contact (Local Branch in Toronto)
Dowon Lee..
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Anti-Freezing Valve Solution [Toronto]
Company : Sudo Corporation
Website :
Description : Sudo Corporation supplies an anti-freezing valve solution known as "Ice Proofy". IceProofy is an automatic valve, which prevents the freezing of water pipes..
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Hydraulic Breaker, Auto Spare Parts [Toronto]
Company : Dowinco
Website :
Description : Hydraulic Breakers that are designed to harmonize the long piston stroke with the nitrogen cushion on the top of piston, creating less shock and vibration than competing..
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Sheet Rubber and Moulded Rubber Parts [Toronto]
Company : Global Sealing Systems Inc.
Website :
Description : Located in Busan, Global Sealing Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of rubber sheets, tank strips, and moulded rubber parts.

Michele Di L..
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Organic Green Tea Matcha Powder [Toronto]
Company : TEAZEN INC.
Website :
Description : TEAZEN is a professional tea company that started with the mission of providing a healthy life and a happy relaxation through tea.
- More than 300 kinds of tea..
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Powder Metal Products [Toronto]
Company : Glosco
Website :
Description : Powder Metal products for automotive power train, ABS ring, chassis & steering, and automotive electric parts.

North American Customer:
• Lina..
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Laver Products [Toronto]
Company : Solmoi F&C
Website :
Description : Solmoi F&C has been producing seasoned laver with the heart of a mother,
maintaining the traditional taste with the latest and optimally hygienic production faci..
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